Googles YouTube will start using HTML5

We all know that Apple’s continued refusal flash in their system. And now its seams that they have take a big step in the war against flash. YouTube have decleare that they will also star to leave flash for HTML5.

Many have believed and claim that this going to be flash’s death. Adobe flash is the biggest one on the market.

But there are also quite a few, including me, who said that Apple’s refusal to Flash will not have too much significance to flash to be or not be on the Web in coming years. This is because of YouTube video clips, work in flash.

But now has YouTube owner, Google announced that all new videos uploaded on YouTube from now will be encoded to the open format Webm (HTML5).

But for YouTube, to konventera all video-clips, that is already on the site, will take time, so flash will still be an important part of YouTube for some time foreward.

Google has also announced that they will end with their own “Google Video” this service never have a real breakthrough. On May 15 they shut down this service.

Browsers like Firefox, Chrome and Opera are already prepared for WebM while Internet Explorer and Safari have to install a plugin to run the video in this format

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