Many in the music industry see Youtube as an enemy and call it a “legal piracy site”

More than 33% off the clip playing on the site is a music video. Now have Google for the first time give us an indication of how much the music industry get from Adds on their clips.

It was Tom Pickett, vice president for content on Youtube, who said, during the Midem music conference in Cannes earlier last week.

According to him, Youtube paid out more than a billion dollars in ad revenue to the music industry the last years.

The statement came during a conference where it was lots of criticism to the Google-owned YouTube. People on the conferance mean its a big difference between music services like Spotify, which is trying to convince its users to pay to get access to music.

As a comparison, Spotify claims to have paid out over $1 billion in royalties since the service was founded in 2006. Half of the money should have been paid during the year 2013.