Would you like to have world’s smallest computer?

Maybe not, the world’s smallest computer, is only measure 50 nanometers on each side (50 nanometer are equal to 0.000005 cm). This is not larger than a biological virus. Anyway if you want it, you need to wait.

Our earlier history in gadgets… We many time always try to make our gadgets smaller and smaller. This is something that have changed over the year, it’s simply have been shown, that its not practical.

Despite this we are still try to get the components smaller, and this is to get more things in our different gadgets. And today, many phones are more powerful than many computers was for some years back.

Researchers at the University of California in the United States have now succeed to construct the smallest computer ever.

The minimal computer that has been developed. Uses an unusual system called “materials implication logic” where the logical operations and the storage of information takes place simultaneously and in the same place instead of separately.

This means that it does not require any space to move data back and forth to memory. By processing data directly inside a three-dimensional memory structure, more data can be stored and processed will be faster.

However, this is still only on the drawing board. Now we have the next problem… We need to find a way to build it.

So why do we spend time to research this?

This is a computer that we can’t even see with our bare eyes, so why do we need this?

Today we using computer in everything, and this need to be combined with other things, and if the computer part is smaller, we will simple have more space over for other things.

Of course we will not have computer that we can’t even see. But the thing show us that we do not need to spend lots of space for the computer part.

And it will make everything easier for the developer if they can have more space over for other things in our new gadgets.

Here you can read the researchers’ own description of the technology