With smartphones and tablet, we get more and more working hours.

For 6-8 years ago there was not any company that expect you to answer any work mail outside working hours. But today everybody has their smartphone with them all the time. And with your smartphone or your tablet in the sofa, you also have access to you mail all the time.

This is not completely about IT and Tech, but for you that are working with computer will recognise yourself in this article.

On later years there have started to question if employees should answer their mail outside their working hours.

Myself, as self-employed are available 16-18 hours every day (including Saturday and Sundays). Many of this hours I spent in front of my desktop. The rest I’m on the laptop or tablet. And I’m not in front of computer or laptop; I always have my mobile with me.

Are set working hours needed?

In France, they seem to believe this. The new year has already brought a significant change for all employees in France. For now, they can completely drop the job emails after work – as long as their employers have not produced an agreement that says otherwise.

The purpose of the law is to prevent the country’s workers to burning themselves out in the increasingly digital work environment we live in today.

The law is not entirely revolutionary. Several companies have previously agreed what time when employees are expected to keep track of work e-mails. But the law still brings greater security to the workers who are now with a clear conscience can “log out” from work.

Is all this necessary?

Yes, it is, some people can’t handle it. But I still mean it’s up to the individual. Me personal could not stand without updates on my mail and messages. But some people simply need to disconnect from their work.

France is first out, but many with me, are sure that many companies will follow.