More people Working from home every year.

Many webmasters, programmer or web and graphic designers are today working from home, and it’s not strange because you do not need more than a computer and an internet connection.

There are both advantages and disadvantages for a company that have staff working from home. The benefits are that is cheaper; you don’t have staff using a space in your local and with that all costs that come with this. The main down-side is that you can not control if the workers do their hours.

So how should you act if you are working from home?

To start with, not everybody can work from home, and that has nothing to do with if you are a good worker or not. Some people just need a place to go to so they can concentrate.

I have now worked from home for almost nine years, and I love it. I also have free hours that many who work at home have. And here is the first problem, free hours does not mean that you don’t do anything on, e.g. Monday, Wednesday and Thursday than working 10h the other days to do your 40h/week. It means that it does not matter if you come a couple of hours late one day, you only work a couple of hours more the same day.

So what do you need?

As this is a blog about IT and Tech, we write from that point of view. Apart from a computer and an internet connection, there is a couple of other things that are very helpful in your work from home.

Skype or any other direct message service is always handy. Even if it’s much time are working with mail. If you have messages going forward and backwards is a quicker solution with a direct message service.

Another important thing is a project management software so the whole team can follow the progress of the tasks. There are many different ones, but here are someones. Basecamp, Trello and ZoHo. There are many more, but you just need to find the one that suits your team best.

But if you not are motivated?

I have read some articles on the web how you should act when working from home. But all of them are missing the most important thing. It does not matter what work you have or what help in the software you have. If you not are motivated you will never make it. When working at home is so easy to say “I do it later” or “it can wait”.

You also need to get your partner to understand that your home is your workplace. I think all of us that are or have worked from home sometimes have heard, “but you are home”, or something similar.

Sometimes I write an article like this, which don’t really have to do with IT or tech. But this blog is also about my life as a full time working with web and design.