More and more people are working from home, but what do you need to think about.

Accesses to the internet and ongoing improving off internet speed have opened up doors to working from home for many people.

But who are benefit most from this, is it you, or the companies that start to move their staff more and more to work from home?

So who can work from home?

In Principe, everybody that work with a computer or telephone whole days can work from home.

People that work on the phone, usually have set hours, but then you have some like me for example. That have as called “free hours” and can do the work whenever they want, whichever day.

Some years ago I talked to a family member, that doing 60-65h work many weeks. And his word was
“I could never work from home, I simple don’t have self-discipline to do it”

In both cases, you must have self-discipline, and for them that work “free hours” even more. Is so easy when you have a boring part of you work, to think “I do it tomorrow.”

So what’s, are the benefits?

I have worked from home with free hours for the last seven years, and I love it. The biggest advantage is of course that you plan your day by yourself, and if something comes up, you can very simply fit it in.

You will also easier do your hours. As many need to spend time, to take you till and back to work, and this is a time you can use to work instead.

But it’s not only benefits. If you are working with set hours, nobody expects you to be around outside these hours. But for us that working free hours, we are always available.

For us that working from home, and love our job. What are we doing when we get a ping for a new mail a Friday, Saturday or Sunday evening with a problem.

Even if we already have done our hours for the week, there is no chance that we will wait until Monday morning. Apart from this, I can’t see any other possibly negativities to work from home.

But after little more than seven years like this, I would recommend everybody that have a chance to work from home, to do it.