YES… Office or IT-People are also at risk for work injuries.

As we spend more and more hours sitting in front of the computer in our daily work. There has been a new challenge for companies. And is not only higher requirements for example for IT security and IT strategy. It has also been a problem with increased risk of work injuries.

This is something I normally not write about here. But for me, and many with me, that are spending hours in front of the computer is something that everybody should be aware of.

However, most work injuries can be prevented.

We are sitting more and more in front of the PCs today. And a good office chair is a must and excellent start, but is it enough?

No is not, I spend between 12 to 14h in front of the computer, and before it was sitting. It’s not okay, and in the end, you will get a problem. Myself start to get problems, and with my work, I start to wonder how this could be resolved.

After Speaking to people that know much more about health than me, I found out that you should not sit more than 3-4h a day. And I was sitting 12 to 14h. So the solution was a standing desk.

I bought mine online. From, and the model StandEasy DeskRiser LX. It was not that cheap. But now three months after, it was worth every euro it cost me. The best thing about this table is that is very easy to put up or down, depending on what you will do.

In the beginning, it was little unusual to stand and to work. And the first days my leg was in terrible pain. But you quickly come over that. I’m not standing all day, and don’t think I ever will do; there are still some of the work I prefer to do sitting.

So what should you buy?

As I said, the one I bought was not the cheapest one £219.99 plus shipping. But it appeals to me that the table is easily moved up or down. But there are many options out there, and some are cheaper than others. But I recommend you to buy quality, in the end, you should not try to save money on your health.

I can’t recommend something for you, as this is a unique thing for everybody. But the model I bought from I’m pleased with. But the site is a good start if you are interested in your health.