There are many ways to do you WordPress safe, but there are some main rules you always should follow.

WordPress is by far the most used CMS (content management system), and this does it to a target. I mean why try to hack e.g. October that doesn’t even have one percent of the web. But don’t worry, you can get your WordPress safe. is quite good to come with updates and special, security updates. But that is not always enough.


One of the reasons WordPress are popular for the number of available plugins. But this is also one reason that some see WordPress as unsafe CMS. And I agree in some way. Is not only to install everything that looks cool.

WordPress is an open source. And you always have some that don’t know, creating a plugin that is available for download. These plugins are nothing that any professional would recommend installing.

But how will you know if you are not a programmer?

I use to say that the following things could give you a hint if it’s a good plugin. Check the changelog, read comments and check the rating. Then try to stay away from new plugins, it is saying more if a plugin has 3,5-4 stars with 1000+ rates, then a 5 star with 15 rates.

There is also a developer that creates plugins and charge for them. In general, these plugins are usually better and safer, at least the one you pay yearly. And that makes sense if you want to charge money for something you can’t sell “shit”. Remember, only because you have pay for a plugin you still need to manage them.

You can find some articles on the web that say you can install unlimited of plugins. My opinion together with almost every with common sense will say no, you can’t install unlimited of plugins”. This will sooner or later create conflicts between them.

The other main rules are updates.

ALWAYS keep your WordPress, plugin and themes up to date. Normally with every update, there are also security updates/patches. Therefore it’s important that you have a plugin that has a developer that cares and regularly update their plugins.

If you use free plugins, it will not make any problem for you if you donate $5-10. But for the developer, it can be the difference between continuing to update the plugin or not.

Releted article: Plugin is something you should pay for