WordPress is without doubt the most popular platform for both individuals and businesses when people build their websites.

The latest figures from the survey company W3techs shows that WordPress in January was installed on 23.3 percent of the ten million biggest sites on the web.

WordPress has a market share of total 60.6 percent worldwide. Second place is held by Joomla that’s installed on 2.9 percent of the ten million biggest sites on the web, and a total of 7.5 percent of all publishing.

WordPress is good, and I almost always recommend this for my clients. And even the biggest pessimists who has always said that the system is not good for various reasons, have also begun to change the perception of WordPress

But we all know that there are no system that’s perfect, and there is always room for improvement. WordPress is of course no exception. But thanks to the ability to install add-ons, you can shape it more or less how you want, and in same time make the platform significantly more powerful.

Today there are over 35 000 add-ons that you can download for WordPress. And to be honest, many of them, is not particularly interesting for most users. But there are some gems that all administrators should install.

Some plugin that I always install on sites that I am administrator for:

SEO by Yoast: Search engine optimization is one of the most important things today. Without any high placement on Google, you will not be visible, “SEO by Yoast” is very powerful and a great help for this.

Gravity Forms: This plugin is not free, but it is worth every coin you spend on it. The plugin is great for any form building. But I also use it as a contact form, and with Gravity Forms Simple Drip addon you can also send autoresponder and followup mail. Because of its great reputation and widley used, there are lots of useful addons on the web that can shape to fit the use you need from it.

WP Notes Remover: It’s a small plugin that simple remove all HTML tags and attributes below the comments. Some people like them, but I personally hate them, and thinks it looks really bad. Is other way to remove this, but this plugin make it so easy, install and activate and you have lose this and your comment field looks clean again.

Rename wp-login.php: Because of the popularity of WordPress is high risk you will get attacked. This plugin make it really simple to go around this problem. The plugin let you rename wp-login.php (wp-admin) to whatever you want, and with a strange logging page you make it little more difficult for this people.

There are lots of other good and useful plugins, but this is some that I use and I think users of WordPress should have a look on