Beta version of WordPress 4.7 is here.

As it is a beta version of WordPress 4.7, there will not be added more features. So now is time to test it, and find bugs before the final release.


As always with any big WordPress update, it’s always coming a theme with it Twenty Seventeen is the name for this version.

Twenty Seventeen have not any big difference from earlier WordPress theme. But with this theme they have move over the focus from blog to business.

Another news on the theme side, it will now come with a “starter content”. This is mean to help new users to set up their website. In the beta version is only available for new installation, but should be available for all when the strong version of WordPress 4.7 is released

Theme and site setup have also got one update. It has a more clean look of your installed themes, and improved search and setup.

Custom CSS

This is a great feature… It does not matter how good and nice theme you find, there will always be CSS changes needed. This have been available before, but now you can see the changes in preview before you save it.

This is a big help for us that working on “live-sites”. Before we often used adons like firebug for Firefox or Chrome

Different admin language for each user

WordPress can be installed in many different languages. Or changed after installation, as long you have asked language installed.

But with WordPress 4.7 the user can now set their language by them self, of course you still need to have asked language installed.

Editor enhancements have got a small update, and in thumbnail previews you will now see the first page on uploaded pdf files.

Under the hood

For many WordPress user this is nothing that interest them. But the fact is that this are normally where the most important improvement happens.

Here is some of the news…

  • Developer can now customize bulk action on post, comments, users etc. etc.
  • It will be possible to add post type templets for the user to choose
  • Rest API Endpoints will now be available on WordPress