Wishpond is a marketing suite on the web that helps you with campaigns, sweepstakes, giveaway, etc., etc.

I have worked with Wishpond, four months and don’t have anything bad to say about their applications, but what’s happen me yesterday when I try to cancel the service scared me…

As I wrote above, their application working very well and are easy to understand. But for some time ago I found Tradablebits that do the same thing, and after trying out the free service. I decide to pay for it and get the full service because it suits me better. It has more applications, and it was cheaper. And at the same time cancel Wishpond, and that was not the easiest thing to do…

As usual, you never start to look on “how to do” or FAQ pages. But after searching for a while, I gave up and visited Wishponds FAQ.
There I found three other people already have asked the question how to close their account, the first was back in October, and still not any answer from the company yet.

I started the process to cancel the service

I sent a mail to them and expected them to come back to me directly. One company that have all their business on the net SHOULD ALWAYS answer directly when it office-time

When I did not receive a response within 2.5 hours (mail sent during Whisponds office hours). I decided the simple version, go into my PayPal account and cancelled service there instead.

This got them to wake up, it took 9minuter for them to send me an email and ask why I end with their service and they said that “I was one of their oldest customers”.

This made me only more annoyed. Been with them for four months, and one of these months was free. And they call me “one of their oldest customer.”
I told them that an email like this just makes me more confident in my decision. And I do not see it as seriously when you can’t finish the service through your account setting. And hide that well, so people have a problem to find it.

I then got a new mail, that they are working to simplify this and it’s just one click to finish, find it a bit strange, one click, why do the need to make it easier, if it’s one click, then it can’t be easier?

Last time I logged in to the site

When I got up in the morning, I logged in for the last time on their site and saw something else that made me very disappointed.

I went to the FAQ page. And then I noticed that they have been in and delete all the questions on “how to finished” account and replaced it with their answers.

Nah, I’m sorry, but I certainly can not give any recommendations to a company like this. It’s a pity, because their application is useful, even if they are a bit more expensive than …. that I work with now