Microsoft WinPad, would that be something?

Rumors say that Microsoft will release a Tablet that will competing directly with Apple’s Ipad we may call it WinPad.

Next week, Microsoft will hold two media events, one will take place in Los Angeles on Monday, June 18. Details about this event is very sparse, Microsoft has not even indicated the location for the event yet.

This romors is coming from Wall Street Journal’s technology blog, Allthingsd, and say that Microsoft will launch a new Tablet with Windows RT and this will be meant to compete with the Ipad.

If this information is right, it will not be the first time Microsoft tries to realese a pad. The company has tested different solutions for more than ten years before the Ipad was released, but without any success.

The second media event will takes place on Wednesday, 20 June and will have focus on Windows Phone. Again, Microsoft has been very quite about any details, but declares that it will be about a “sneak peek” of the future of Windows Phone.”

Earlier rumors have also claim that Microsoft will show a Windows Phone 8 that goes under the code-named Apollo.