The 11 of April will the support on Windows Vista ends.

“Windows 95”, and “Me” were both hated Windows versions. But nothing goes up to what people says about the most hated version, Microsoft Windows Vista.

Microsoft is talking their warm about their big upcoming update to Windows 10. They do not have an equally loud voice, confirmed that they now end support for another software. Which is one of the most hated products that come out of it Seattle-based company during its 40-year history: Namely Windows Vista operating system, which in 2007 would follow up on the success of Windows XP

It will not be many that will miss Vista. According to NetMarketShare, there is only 0,78 percent of desktops that use the system. It could compare to the 8,45 percent that is still using the pension Windows version XP.

So why are Windows Vista so hated?

The easy answer is that it’s a bad Microsoft Windows version. The private users did not have any big problem with this. But when it came to companies users there were problems.

It never actually worked in the business environment, it was much trouble with logins and adaptation to servers. And with this issues, Vista was never accepted by companies.

Windows Vista never got any significant market shares. And three years after the released it was only 20 percent that was using the system.

And with the attitude that Steve Ballmer, at the time CEO of Microsoft had did not help. Steve Ballmer was always the first to tell everybody about the other companies problem and mistakes.

Did anybody like Windows Vista?

Well, more or less nobody liked the operative system. A quick search on Google gives titles like 13 Reasons Why Vista Is Crap“, “The top five reasons why Vista failed and the list could go on.

And when Vista came, it did not take a long time before other businesses start to point the fingers at Microsofts mess.