Now it’s over, no more, free windows update to version 10 are available.

Friday, this week, was the last day. So now we waiting for the first big Windows Update for 10, and there will also be some changes.
This changes that will come with the update and will as always create discussion, if it’s right or wrong

So what changes will there be then!!

The login page

This may not be the biggest change… Instead of the normal standard page when you login, you will now get the same, personally selected, the picture that you see when the screen is locked.

Wi-Fi Sense

Microsoft has experimented with seamless login thru wifi – This function was first seen in Windows phones, but was introduction to computers with Windows 10.

In theory this is not a bad feature, but users have been very skeptical, mainly because the requirement was that Microsoft had to save login information on their servers.

This will also be taken of from Windows system on mobiles

Kid’s corner

This was introduced in Windows Phone 8.1, and its main function is to create a friendly area for kids.

With their own start page, where they could not reach any other apps or sensitive data on the phone

This has never really been used by the users, and will now be taken off, bot from windows phone and on desktop version.

All apps

The button that open up your start menu will be replaced with with a long lidt of all your apps in alphabetic order. The point of this is to decrease click to reach your apps

To configured your start menu you will now have some functions beside the list.

Messaging everywhere

This was one app that would work over both desktop and mobiles, but it will be taken away, and instead be replaced with Skype


Before you could choose if you want to search in old traditional way, or use Microsoft new system. Cortana.

But with the new windows update, you will be forced to use Cortana, as Microsoft take away you option to choose.

I have in earlier articles said what I think about Windows 10 “Do not upgrade to windows 10” and “Microsoft should not force Windows 10… On anybody!!!