China stop furter Windows Update

Although Microsoft no longer send out any general security Windows Update for Windows XP, that makes the system very vulnerable, there are still about 70 percent of Chinese personal computers thats still use the 13 year old operating system. (The corresponding figure for the whole world is 27 percent)

Goverment of Industry and Information Technology in China will increase support for the development of a Linux-based operating system  that can replace the vulnerable Windows XP and protect the country’s network infrastructure. The Chinese goverment also look on the possibilities to secure Windows XP system with updates from third parties, such as those offered by Malwarebytes.

There are not any information on whether the Linux-based operating system will provide support for applications that run under Windows XP, and the timetable for any released.

But one thing is for sure, there has never been any plan on upgrading to Windows 7 or Windows 8 when it comes to installations with in the goverments network.

While users are waiting for the new operating system or to secure Windows XP, the goverment recommend the users to install protection software developed in China.