Windows 8 will be a good business for cybercriminals.

Leave windows XP and Windows 7 to make it more difficult for cybercriminals.

More and more people will upgrade their system to Windows 8, or buy new computers with Windows 8 installed.

In combination with a level of security that does not impress, there is reason to be vigilant, warns Janus R Nielsen, security expert at security MySecurityCenter.

In a test of security in Windows 8, which was protected by its own antivirus Bitdefender, 15% of the malware from the last 6 month was not stopped.

The test involved 385 examples of malware, 15% would be 58 malware on your computer…

You can only imagen what that would do to you! No, well, if you lucky, your computer crash.

But it can also be so that the virus do that somebody get access to all your data on the computer.

Now we should not only complain about Windows 8 security in the program BitDefender,

is of course better than nothing, but it simpley not enough. And window have made a VERY big improvment with their two last OS, but 15% its a scary number.

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