But Microsoft Windows Creators Update will not sort all problem with the operative system.

There are big expectations for Microsoft’s upcoming update Windows Creators Update (some have already got it). But not many think this update will make Windows 10 to the ultimate operative system?

Many mean that there are five main problems. What will be solved we will see

Control of your updates.

One of the biggest reason has been to complaints about Windows 10 is the lack of controlling the updates. There is an option to set this but is very complicated. It’s done with the tool group policy and delays the automatic installation with 35 days.

With Windows Creators Update this will be easier for any with the Pro-Version of Windows 10. And for Home-Versions connected to a network.

Microsoft spy on us.

Control of the updates have been great irritation, but not the one that has made the users most upset. The most upsetting thing is that Microsoft collects all data on what we are doing on our machines.

With the upcoming update, it will be easier to protect your integrity. But not many believes that Microsoft will let us have 100 percent integrity.

The ad’s

With Windows 10 Microsoft has been more aggressive in their advertising. The ads showing up in more places, and we even have ads on the start menu.

That is nothing that will be changed in an upcoming update. But you can still turn off some of the ads, but it’s very complicated.

How will the stability of Windows Creators Update be?

Nobody got surprised if we say that there are not any Windows update that is stable directly. For the existing version of Windows 10, it took more or less four months before the system was stable.

Nobody expects the new update to be better. So before you update, think if you need it now. Maybe it’s better to wait a couple of months to it’s stable.

The default setting are changing all the time

There have been many complaints of this. It’s maybe not a big problem, but it is very annoying. You replace the default app for browsing to e.g. Firefox over Edge. And next time you click on a link in an email it’s open up in Edge again.

Microsoft says that they are aware of the problem. We can only hope that this is sorted in the new update.

So who should not update?

Nobody, there will also be a big upgrade to the security, so everybody should do it. But I would recommend waiting a couple of months.

Someone would probably say upgrade directly because of the security. But as I said so many time before, there is only one way to stay 100 percent safe. Do not click or open anything that you, not 150 percent sure about.