Next version of windows, have code name Windows 9

According to online sources , the menu that have been missing from lots of user, seams that it will return in next version call Windows 9

The first details on Microsoft’s next major update of their operating system has leaked.

Paul Thurrots with the well-informed website WinSupersite could be read in one of his articles, read article here.

The upcomming version to Windows 8.1, has code-named Threshold or even Windows 9.

And they will try to bring desktop and the mobile systems closer together from a perspective of the users. But at the same time re-introduce some features that are known as missing from most of the users.

Code name Threshold stands for a set of operating systems, for both traditional home and business computers, mobiles and plates, as well as the Xbox. Windows want to bring them closer together and give them more of a common elements.

This seems to mean that’s windows is backing, and they will put back the good old Start menu. But still will provides the ability to run apps from the modern interface with floating boxes on the desktop.

There is also rumors that’s lot of new control capabilities thru the keyboard and mouse is on the way.

The so called modern interface will primarily be focused on touchscreen devices and based on previous statements from Microsoft, its likely that Windows Phone and Windows RT will merge completely. Threshold will also be available for Xbox One, which will move the game console closer to Microsoft’s other platforms.

How it will be marketed is still not clear.
Sometime in 2015 we will see Windows in the new look, thinks Paul Thurrot, but if it will be in any Windows 8.x or if they choose to switch over to Windows 9 Paul dont know. Anyway, it seems that Microsoft is fighting hard to regain the trust that they partially lost with Windows 8.

Note: Microsoft has┬áneither confirmed nor denied Winsupersites data….