Window 8 are increasing, that will surely pleases Microsoft

Window 8 has a 2 percent increase the last month, 2 percent may not sound very much but converted to the user so is the figure impressed.

Many believed that Windows 8 would become a flopp, but the question is if we do not buy less computers today, many choose to buy pads instead, and on this area are windows pads far behind when compared to the iPad and Android pads.

I personally believe in the system before it was released, thought it would appeal to companysbecause it looks the same on the data plates PC, pads and mobile phones.

Statistics, the rumor about Windows death is very exaggerated. If you count all versions of Windows, so have the operating system nearly 91.2 percent of the market. Followed by Apple’s OS X on 7,3% and Linux on 1.5 percent.

If you look over the statistic of windows operating systems so have Windows 8 7,4%, Windows 7, 45,6% percent, Windows XP 33,7% and Windows Vista have 4,1%.

It is worrying that there are still nearly 34% running Windows XP (I have written about this before. Click here to read).

Microsoft will soon stop support for Windows XP, and this will certainly mean a goldmine for hackers.

We might think that these users have themselves to blame, but if there are many XP users who become infected with Trojans or other bad code, it will affect everyone thrue a slow network traffic.