Windows Vista was never popular

Windows Vista was a failure from Microsoft, from the first day, thru all their updates. And it was not much better than Windows Me.

But the bitter fact for Microsoft is that the sale is not good, last week the went out with a pressrelease thats declare that they have sold 100 miljons…

But thats not a real number, they have ship out totaly 100 miljon machine with Windows 8 and there are still lots that are not activated, some people say that is as much as 50% thats still not activate.

Microsoft resuse to give exsact number of how many activation they have. But Net Applications thats control the use of OS on the web, say they have 1,4 billions Windows user on the net, and only 4,2 use Win 8. Thats give a totaly of 58,6 millions, that should compare with Windows Vista that have 72,5 millions user. Thats shouldcompare with the 682 million user for Windows 7.

One intresting thing is that a Windows XP thats older then 12 years its still have 584 million users.