Android 7.0 Nougat has been awaited by all of us.

For now, it has only come to Google’s own devices Nexus 5X, 6, 6P and 9, the Nexus Player and Pixel C that have got Nougat.

If you are not using a Nexus phone or another Google device, it can take some time before you get Nougat.

Often it can take months, sometimes up to six months. And many of the older devices will not even get Nougat at all.

It is up to the manufacturer for each mobile company to fix support for the operating system…

… If they want. Normally it always come to the expensive and new models for each company.

This is also a way for the company’s to get people to buy new models.

I got Nougat to mine Pixel C for some days ago, and have spent some real time on it. There is some news that are really interesting.

So what news in Nougat are interesting for us?

One of them, and maybe the most interesting, is to use two apps at the same time, with a shared window.

To start the multi-screen mode, you need to hold the “recent apps” button. This moves the active app to one half of the screen.

Then you select which of the other open apps and that will automatic take the other half on the screen.

This is really a step in right direction. But not all app is not prepared for multi-screen yet.

Another important thing is, you will get a safer mobile phone with the new Android version.

In Nougat the phone will automatically download security updates in the background as soon you are connected to Wi-Fi.

The file system has also becomes more safer. Firstly, all data is encrypted at the file level, previously the entire disk has been a huge encrypted blocks.

Android will be more restrictive in the files that the apps can access.

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