The Facebook Owned chat service Whatsapp has reached a major milestone

In February Facebook bought the instant messaging service Whatsapp, and the takeover seems to have had a positive effect on the number of users.

Whatsapp announced yesterday that the service has now passed 500 million active users, this its an increase with 100 million since the end of December, and of this, 50 million is since Facebook bought the service.

Every day there are over 700 million images and 100 million video clips shared, this is very high numbers, if its set to compares with Instagram as “only” share 60 million images per day, and the users on Snap-chat shares 400 million images per day.

The high increase of users on Whatsapp are mainly cumming from Brazil, India, Mexico and Russia. Those who are new to the service are people who have never used computers or Internet, say Whatsapps co-founder, Jan Koum, in an interview with Time .

He also states that Whatsapps success depends on the service like many of our competitors do not try to be a social network.