You don’t need to pay for using WhatsApp

WhatsApp has made a name as the defender of Privacy by promoting strong protection for its users. But for two years ago, the message service was bought by Facebook, and everything changed.

And the two companies have since continued their activities with separate terms of their privacy policies. They also, recurrent, assured users that the data would not be shared.

But recently, Facebook start combine data from its own platform with information from WhatsApp. The information between Facebook and their “external” message service has shown been unevaluable for targeted advertising.

But these changes have started to concern users and some governments.

Now have the German government said that Facebook needs to stop gathering data from their WhatsApp users. They have also been told to delete all information already collected.

Commissioner main thing is that Facebook has not asked users for permission and there is no legal basis for data transfer. It should be the user’s choice if they want to connect their account to Facebook or not.

So why do Facebook do this?

The answer is simple… WhatsApp and Facebook are not any charity. The money needs to come from somewhere to pay for all the cost.

To run things like WhatsApp and special Facebook cost lots of money, not only in staff cost. You need to add all hardware, bandwidth locals, and the list could be made much longer.

And to this, it comes that we don’t want to pay for it. So the company need to take the money from other sources. And advertising is the simplest’ way.

So Facebook, don’t have enough money? It’s not the question. Facebook is a company, and like all other company, the always want to increase the profit.


Whatever condition the company want to have, the ALWAYS need to inform the user, before they make changes. This is something that have not happen in this case. So it is only right if Facebook been forced to delete already any information gathered

Do we need to lose our privacy when using the internet?

Yes, or we need to start paying to use the internet, and that, we do not want to do. Then we have another thing. We can live without Facebook and WhatsApp.

So to be fair, Facebook put the rules for us how to use their things for free. And if we don’t like the rules, we simply don’t need to use it. And you should never complain about something that’s free.