After all warnings… People still using week passwords.

Everybody know what a week passwords is. And many people still use them, and thinking, it would not happen me, I don’t have anybody that want me bad.

That’s really wrong thinking, they don’t want access to your email account, because they want to read your mail. They want access to use your account for sending mails.

Week passwords is something that scares all professionals on the web. And now have Microsoft finely get tired about it.

Microsoft have told their users time after time to don’t use week passwords, but people don’t change, and don’t even care.

Microsoft will now start to banning weak passwords entirely

They will use something that calls dynamically banned, if using a password that appears on most-used/stolen password list, Microsoft will force you to change.

Microsoft will continue with the lockout system they already have, after adding the password incorrect to many times the account will be locked, and need to be reset.

So what should you use or not use when you create your password

Don’t ever use “1234562”, “password” or “123456789. Many people will laugh to this, but this is the three most used passwords.

Is not much better to use the name of your dog, cat, son, daughter or your best friends name, as this is normally information that is easy to come over.

Never use less then 10-12 character, I normally say, never use less then 12 characters, and don’t use name, words or number combinations.

A strong password should be a combination of number, signs and letters, both lowercase and uppercase.

AND… This is important, do never use same password on everything, in case you get hacked, not even the one password for your mail, one password for your social media account. It should be different for every account you have.

Or like one article on GizMode say

The 25 Most Popular Passwords of 2015: We’re All Such Idiots

You can check out the lists from 2013 and 2014 if you don’t hate humanity and the internet enough already.

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Here is guideline from Microsoft on what they considers to be a strong password.