Website problems, will cost you money and reputatuins!

Any kind of website problems are expensive for all companies. And is not only in cost for staff that need to sort it. It’s also the cost in losing business and reputations.

Everybody know that a website for your company today is a “must”. It has even go so far, that many people look if the domain is free before they register the company name.

Manage your website.

The first thing, and maybe the most important… You need to find a design that will work both for your company, and for the web.

With that I mean: Is almost always a big mistake to leave this over to a graphic designer. But some things simple don’t work on the web, always go with a web designer.

But the biggest mistake that, mainly small company do. They create their website by them self.

This should ALWAYS be done by a professional. Many think, that they are good enough, but if you not 100% know what you doing, leave it to somebody that knows. It is important that you have a good and solid base for future.

So when you website is up and running, what do you need to do then?

Some company have person/s employed only to take care of their website. But if you are a smaller company and the budget don’t admit it?

There are many services on the web to can help you to manage your site. But is also important that you look on the site by yourself… Many forget that part and trust the web services to 100% and that’s a mistake.

So what should you do if you got website problems?

First you should always try to keep you on top with your site, solve the problem, before it is a problem.

The main thing is like always, keep your site up to date. And this appeal to all kind of websites, but of course the CMS, like WordPress, Jomla, Drupal etc. need more attentions then flat HTML sites.

It is also important that you have strong username and password on everything that you use to access your site. Apart from the website direct, you also need to have this in mind for the FTP and your hosting.


You should always go for your own server, with your unique IP number. Many are afraid for this, as they think it means more work. But that will easy be resolved with a manage server.

This is of course little more expensive. But as company this is a cost you not should try to save money on.

With share hosting like GoDaddy, JustHost, DreamHost etc. there is many disadvantages. As the name say, you share hosting with many other people. If there is one or a few account that use lots of data traffic, the speed will be affected for your site also.

But the main thing is that you share IP with many different websites. And its enough that you have one website with problem. This can worst case, lead to blocked IP and your site or email will not reach the clients.