User-friendly and design not always goes hand in hand

I need to start saying that this is not against any particular firm or person, this is in general. Almost all web developer have got a design that is everything else than User-friendly. And to start a discussion with a designer is never easy

First I need to make one thing clear, in case there is somebody that don’t know. Graphic designer and web designer is NOT the same thing.

When you are a graphic designer, the only limit is your imagination. While in web design there are some rules you need to have in mind when you do your design.

And this article is about web design and the importance of a User-friendly website.

So what is User-friendly

Many web designers don't know what User-friendly is - WebAlvarez IT & Tech - Web & Internet - User-friendlyWhen you are doing a web design, there are things you must have in mind. Of course, there is the font style. Even if there are more and more fonts adding to Google fonts library, you can’t find everything there.

It should not be any problem for any designer, but there is some that want to have a unique font. And then this need then be done as an image.

But the biggest problem is often the spacing on text and images. And it will create an even greater problem if the text and image should be linked. What some designer is also missing is that almost all theme today are responsive.

The biggest problem with this is the size of images and if you have images that should, or in some case must be beside each other.

Are there any good web designers?

Yes, there are many, but far from all understand the concept of designing for a website. I use to say that you can not be a good web designer if you not a developer.

Many don’t agree on this, but the simple fact is that if you do not know how to create a website, then it’s hard actually to do one design that will work.

20 steps to the perfect website layout are one article from CreativeBloq. This article is something everybody that should do a design for a website should read before they start.