Google Chrome 56 has increased the warnings for unsafe sites.

For some times ago Google Chrome version 56 was released. And with this, version it’s clear that Google will continue the war against unsafe sites that don’t use https://

In the new version, in addition to the warning “not secure” on sites that do not have the https certificate, Chrome 56 also warn of unsafe boxes where the user must enter the password and credit card information.

Previously, Google has premium sites that use https by ranking them higher in the search results. But that didn’t give the expected results. That’s one of the reasons they instead have started with this, in some case annoying warnings.

But this is something we need to start accept. The rumours say that Firefox also will start to warn for unsafe sites in future upgrades.

So have this make the result Google hope for?

According to Google, yes. Google say that’s half of the web’s top 100 sites are now use https certificate. A 44 percent of them use it as default.

For me, this is very strange. If you have a big site, how can you not have SSL certificate installed? Today is not a high cost and is not that difficult to get connected.

Will we have any unsafe sites in 2 years?

Probably not, even if we get less and less unsafe sites for every year.
People get more and more aware of security. And the prices are still dropping all the time, and there are even sites that offer a free version of SSL certificate.

More warnings of unsafe sites gives results - WebAlvarez IT & Tech - Security - unsafe sitesMore warnings of unsafe sites gives results - WebAlvarez IT & Tech - Security - unsafe sites

All my clients have SSL certificate, I have it include in all my hosting packs. And I’m not alone with this. More and more hosting services offer this for a small extra cost or include in the price directly.

If you plan to go for any hosting, this is something you should control before you make your choice.

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