We have only seen the beginning of the mask Wannacry

Are you one of the people that have a computer infected with Wannacry? Then you have either pay or working over the weekend to restore your computer.

On Friday the first rapports about the virus start to come. And it was many hospitals and clinics in the United Kingdom. But is not only hospital in the United Kingdom on the list. Nissan, Renault, Deutsche Bahn, Fedex and telecom company Telefonica has also been hijacked.

So what is Wannacry?

The virus is a worm that uses a known security hole in Windows. The hole is called Eternal Blue. Tools for exploiting the bug was released in March by the hackers group Shadow Brokers.

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Wannacry infects computers with a hostage program (ransomware), which locks the files on the computer and requires a $300 payment in bitcoin.

So how could this happen?

Wannacry has infected 200,000 computer in 150 countries. And like so many times before, it’s because people own stupidity.

As usual, it’s Windows computer that is the target. And it’s computers that not are up to date on the software. Microsoft released a patch for this problem last month.

But it seems that many companies haven’t updated their machines. And for that, we can only say, “sloppy”.

Even worse, is that many companies still run Windows XP. Microsoft has stopped the support of this operative system for a long time ago.

And anyway Microsoft released a patch for Windows XP last Friday. That shows how serious this was and still is.

I personally think that if you run XP, you should not expect any help. Microsoft has informed us so many times, and people still ignore it.

If you don’t want to upgrade or buy a new operating system? There are many different version of Linux that anybody can download and use for free.

So what to do if you are infected?Pay with bitcon to take off wannacry

Well, there is a simple way, pay, but is something I would never recommend. But some have used this option. So far, has the hijacker received bitcoin payments around $34,000 (around 31,000€).

Then you have the solution that should not be any problem for you If you have a recent backup. Then simple wipe your hard drive and restore your backup.

So is it over now?

Probably not, many experts and even government are quite sure that there will come new attacks. And it will start already today or tomorrow.

As so many time before, there would not be any problem if people only use their common sense. And don’t ignore and always update security patches as soon as possible.