VPN service can place you anywhere in the world.

Virtual Private Network more known as VPN services are used by many. Mostly by people that do illegal downloading. But there are so many other areas VPN is good for.

VPN is working as you connect to a different server, usually in another country and in this way you also get a new IP address.

To use the service and mark yourself as located in another country is not illegal. But it’s important to have a look at the terms of the service. Depending on what’s written there, you can violate this terms, and then you break the law.

So what can VPN be used for?

As I have written earlier, many that download illegal, use a VPN service to hide their IP address.

And then you have all services that use geoblocking. Many streaming services, and also some newspaper using this kind of block. Many of us have some time get the note “This is not available in your country” when we should look on a video clip.

I use VPN service in my work every month. When I create a link that will redirect the user to different pages depending on their location and then test them.

But it can also be used for more than hiding your IP address, or to stream video clips. As for security when you are sitting in a hotel on an open network it’s working. VPN are not 100 percent safe, but it’s much more reliable than the public network in the cafe or hotel.

So wish VPN service should you use?

Many services have their prorgam for Windows, Mac and in many cases also for your Android or iPhone.

A quick search in Google gives you any results. Myself are using a service call ZenMate. The Firefox add-ons for this service is very helpful in my work. It means I can work in one country in one browser and another country on another browser.

But is not only ZenMate that have add-ons so find a service that fits your need and how you like to work. It does not matter wich one you choose, all of the are easy to use.

Many of the services also offer a couple of country for free. And if you want to have all country you simply need to pay for it, ZenMate is one of them.