A VPN (Virtual Private Network) operates like an anonymous intermediary that handles your Browsing. Therefore, with it, your internet provider cannot figure out what you are doing on the web.

In other words, It’s a secure connection between a server and your computer. It enhances privacy in such a way that you appear to browse from your VPN server IP address rather than your actual location.

Below you have some of the main reasons why you should have a VPN service installed on your computer.

More prominent security when using public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-Fi is not safe regardless of whether it is password protected or not. Hackers can easily snoop on your data when using the same public Wi-Fi. Public Wi-Fi with a WPA2 password does not necessarily protect you from others who are using the same network. It’s where the need for a VPN comes in handy for an extra security layer for your data. It encrypts all your communication and makes it significantly more difficult for hackers.

When travelling

Some countries like, e.g. China have blocked sites like Facebook? So when travelling to such a country, you can easily access any services and websites you want, even if they blocked in the country you visit. Virtual Private Network makes it look like you are accessing those services from your home country while in the real sense, you are far away from home. With VPN, travellers are also able to pay cheaper airfare as prices vary from one place to

When you are a remote worker

To access company services remotely, most employers use a Virtual Private Network. When you connect a VPN to your office’s server, you can quickly locate internal resources and networks of your company even when you are away. It also applies to your home network when you are on the go.

When you are a political dissident

Many western countries exercise press freedom, expression, and speech. Unfortunately, this is not the case in other countries that have oppressive regimes. Some regimes even adopt draconian measures to take action and monitor those that appear to be a threat to their government. Therefore, for political dissidents, it is in their best interest to use a VPN service when browsing the internet.

For privacy

It is wise to use a VPN even at the comfort of your own home because a Virtual Private Network prevents you from leaving footprints that your internet provider can scoop from your web history. When selecting a VPN for your day to day browsing, it is advisable to do your homework.

While using a VPN, you should first go through its terms and conditions as this is favourable to your privacy. Some free VPNs are known to sell information to third parties. Therefore it is recommendable to pay for a VPN in case you are concerned about confidentiality for any particular reason.