Microsoft Edge never got the salvation that the company had hoped for

Microsoft are losing market share to Chrome all the time. Now Microsoft try to reverse the loss by rewarding those who surf with Microsoft Edge.

But the Microsoft don’t give up the race on the browser market, and now they try something new to get people start using Microsoft edge.

But the question is if the not have taken this on step to far with their latest things.

They will now start with a reward system; there they will give you bonus points if you use their web browser Edge.

This bonus points can then be used in Microsoft store.

Microsoft will shortly lunch but only in USA, and it has got the name Bing Rewards.

The rewards program will give you points for every hour you use Edge, up to max 30 hours a month.

But there will be couple of things for you to get your rewards point…

The browser need to be active, Bing needs to be the default search engine and the diagnostic and telemetry applications need to be turned on.

Diagnostic and telemetry applications is the application that collects information about how you use your computer and send the information over to Microsoft.

Could this be the salvation for a browser that few seem to give a chance?

It has been a tough year for Microsoft in the browser market. Earlier this year Chrome passed Internet Explorer and Edge, and the gap continue to increase.

Is mainly the older version of Microsoft web browsers that people leaving. But even Microsoft Edge loosing shares.

Many of the new Windows 10 users choose another browser then Microsoft Edge.

In May it was 29 percent of the Windows 10 computers that used Edge, in July the number was down to 24 percent.

At this point it is unclear whether the program will be launched outside the US.

If you want to read more about Microsoft and Bings reward points, click here
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