Are you using USB memory? You are not alone, but it can cause lots of problems.

USB┬ámemory can pass virus between different computers, and this is a serious problem for everyone, not least the company’s. Today, many take their work home thrue different cloud services or thru USB memory.

Most of today’s USB flash drives has a fundamental security flaw that can be exploited to infect computers with malware, and this in a way that is difficult to detect and prevent.

– The problem is that the majority of USB flash drives, and probably other USB devices on the market do not protect their firmware, says Karsten Dahl on Security Labs Research, the security company that discovered the deficiency.

This means that a malicious application can replace the firmware on a USB device such as a pen drive using SCSI commands (small computer system interface), and cause it to act as if the example were a keyboard.

Thereafter, the fake keyboard used to emulate keystrokes and send commands to download and execute other malicious program. The program can then reprogram the second usb stick.