Hong Kong based company sell USB-Killer for 50€

This is scary, One USB memory, that got the name USB-Killer that destroy the USB ports and big chance to destroys your machine also.

The USB stick are inserted into a USB slot its use the ports power to send a power spike back into the socket. This beats most likely the USB port, but perhaps also the whole equipment. And is not only on computer this will create a problem, on any unit with a USB port.

This is nothing new, this technology was first presented for some years ago by a Russian hacker who wanted to show that it is possible. But now has a Hong Kong based company started mass production.

The company use a silly explanation why that have start with this. According to them the use is for testing and for increasing the safety of products against such attacks.

But I think that the risk appears to be imminent that it instead will be used with malicious intent. For the price 50€ ($53) is very easy to buy and use for anybody with bad intentions.

This could easy be “goodbye gift” from a sacked employed, student who don’t like something, a friend you don’t like… And the list can be made much longer. Each public USB port should be considered as risk.

So are their anything that’s good with this?

Hopefully the company of units with USB ports starts with optical isolation of the USB ports. Today its only Apple that use this on their Macbook. So if we are lucky this will shortly be a standard on all units.

So why are anybody create a USB stick to destroy things?

As usual is about money. They will for sure sell some of this, there is always some bad people out there.