Is it time to replace the 3.5-millimeter jack with USB-C?

The 3.5-millimeter jack seems to be on the last verse, the major Tech-Companies have get tired of the antiquated technology and want to move over to USB-C.

Apple, Intel and Motorola are some of the companies that is said that they want to go over to the USB-C.

Motorola has already take it off on Moto Z, OnePlus has done the same since version their second model

And the rumoured say that Apple will do the same on their next mobile phone, Iphone 7

And Intel is on the same track. The company’s engineers have already talked about how the USB-3 will take over as the new audio standard.

Why… 3.5mm jack working well, no?

Not everyone is as excited about this change, and wonder why they want to force us to choose between throwing your old headphones or to buy one adapter?

But this is more or less how it is in the mobile world, we want thinner phones, and more capacity, and because of this, it’s a step that must be taken.

The old analogue 3.5mm jack requires the manufacturer to draw old copper cables inside a modern phone.

Copper cables! This is what Telecommunications used to had hung on poles in the old days…

And that says a lot, that we still use that in our modern mobile phone. And this need to be changed, to make the phones thinner.

By replacing the headphone jack, so also saved location. Partly because it is a port less.

And The port does not need to convert the analogy signals into digital and vice versa.

The end result is a little thinner phone, with a little more room to put more high-performance hardware.

Sound quality?

It will of course be those who believe that the 3.5-millimeter audio is optimal, but this is something that the great Tech-Companies agreed on.

Instead they mean that the digital audio source provides a cleaner sound, and it will be easier to put on noise reductions or changing the sound to, example, have the music sound as if played in a concert hall.

The battery then?

In this case, there is a fact. A USB connectors use more power than a standard headphone jack.

This will be partially solved by telephone can turn off unnecessary features when USB-C are used.

For example, turn off the power to the microphone when the phone is playing music.

Intel engineer Brad Saunders argues that the difference in battery life is negligible.

Are we on the way to maybe get a standard for charger and headphone’s on mobiles?

The European Union have told the mobile companies that they must find a standard for mobile phone chargers.

No wonder, Apple has been the major opponents against this. But even Apple is expected to switch to the USB-S

And when already a part of Android phones already have this system maybe we will finely reach this goal

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