The USA lost against Europa…

A court has now ruled that the USA Justice Department can’t force Microsoft to unveil emails stored in other countries. At least not without any changes to the law.

It started already 2013 when A USA judge ordered Microsoft to hand over data that was stored on Ireland, to the US government. The decision is in conflict with European privacy law

But the US government meant that Microsoft is a US company, and their daughter companies in other countries should follow the US law.

But in the summer the court reached its decision. Microsoft does not need to disclose the e-mail stored on Ireland to American police.

Authorities had asked the court to take it up again. This is not going to happen, and one of the judges, Susan Carney, means that the 31-year-old law in many ways needs to be updated. And it has not followed the technological developments.

So is this over now?

Yes, for this time. The appellate court in the USA has spoken. It is not relevant to the continue with whether the US Justice Department could force Microsoft to disclose the emails stored outside the US.

With this, it means the users in Europe, do not have to worry that their data is handed over to the US government. Something that could happen in criminal investigations and intelligence work. The extension also applies users of services such as Apple, Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter.

Is it right to stop the USA authorities to get emails stored in other countries?

Yes and no. It’s not the first time this is up for discussion, and it will not be the last time. Looking at the security and safety, yes, of course, they should have access. But where do we draw the line?

If we are not entitled to any privacy, and the authorities have right to accessed our private lives at any times. Where will then end?