9 reasons why you should not upgrade to Windows 10

Now it’s one week left if you want to upgrade to Windows 10 for free, on the 29 of July 2016 its over… At least for this time.

But have write about my doubt to don’t upgrade to Windows 10, Read “Microsoft should not force Windows 10 on anybody!!!

Microsoft speaking very warm about their latest Operative System, but the question is if its for everybody, here is 10 reason why you should not upgrade

1. Terms of privacy

When you update from earlier Windows versions, most of the people do this with an express installations. Then you also send lots of information to Microsofts server.

Apparently Microsoft don’t think its any problem that they get information about what kind of app you use, your surfing history and where you are, this is only some information that are saved on Microsofts servers.

So what will Microsoft do with all this information. It’s simple, it will be used to see what you do and what you want, so they can send target commercial to you.

2. Their strategy for the upgrading is to Aggressive

Microsoft have got lots of criticism how they have act when it comes to how they have try to force, or even fool user in to their “free” upgrade

This has maybe nothing to do with if Windows 10 is good or bad, but it does not help their case.

3. Lots of advertising

Adds from windows store, suddenly appears on the start menu, and sometime you even get full-screen adds. You can turn it off, but it is quite complicated.

4. You lose control over Windows Update.

Windows have for many version have 3 update option, Update automatic, download but update when you desire and don’t do anything.

With Windows 10, it will be difficult to control, when Microsoft put out one update, sooner or later you will get installed

5. Compatibility on software is not the best.

There are plenty of reports of old applications that do not work with Windows 10. One example is Office 2003 Applications that requiring XP mode in Windows 7 does not work either.

Unfortunately, not Microsoft service to upgrade particularly reliable in terms of information about software compatibility

6. Compatibility on hardware is not the best.

You should really control so all your hardware are working with Windows 10, lots of user have got problem after updating.

In some cases the printer have worked but not the scanner on a multiuse printer, and the information have not been the best from Microsoft on this.

7. Windows Media Center is gone.

With Windows 10, Media Center is gone. It may not be the best solution, and it may never been that popular.

If you use to look on DVD on your Windows 7 machine, then you have another reason, is not longer built in to the system, so you will need to install a 3:rd part software.

8. The gadgets is gone

For many user in Windows 7 that used the popular gadgets, they have been removed from Windows 10.

9. The control of OneDrive is bad.

In Windows 8.1 the user can see what files they have stored on Onedrive, but the files are only downloaded if you open them.

This way you can see all files without having to download them to your devices. But Microsoft believes that many users are confused by this, so Microsoft has removed it in Windows 10