Did you know that WordPress is the most prominent content management platform on the market?

Well…. Now you know, and this is why you should always ensure that yours is updated. The fact that this is the most popular platform for content management makes it a target for hackers. Therefore, to keep malware attacks at bay, your site should always be up to date. This is why WordPress releases numerous updates. A lot of people do not know this, but these updates come with tools that help to keep your site safe. It’s by introducing new features and ways to fix bugs that might be a security threat to your WordPress.

Normally, WordPress releases chief updates thrice annually. However, in between these major updates, there are minor updates that take place automatically. For versions later than 3.7+ security and minor updates do not require your intervention. Nonetheless, major versions cannot take place without your effort. Below are the reasons why it is important to keep WordPress updated all the times.

To have updated themes and plugins

Just like the the core is exposed to hackers risk, so are the plugins and themes. This implies that having all WordPress aspects updated keeps your website running optimally and securely.

Your website runs smoothly

Your site only runs at its best only if it is up to date. I mean, how can your site perform well if new improvements and tools to fix bugs are out of date? Updates include widgets, plugins, and coding changes. In case they are out of date, these old versions might as well become dysfunctional. If this happens, your readers, users, and clients will be upset, giving a negative impact on your business and web presence.

Optimal site security

Sites on WordPress are a subject to malicious threats online, just like other sites. Like mentioned above, the prominence of WordPress makes its sites to be more vulnerable to hackers. The best part of this is that the developers of WordPress keep fixing vulnerabilities and security breaches constantly. These protections are launched in new and updated WordPress versions. Therefore, by updating your site, you make sure that it is equipped with most recent security tools and features. Always remember that updating your site takes just a click, but it can take you months to replace or recover corrupted or lost data after hackers are done with your site.

The above are some of the major reasons why you should always ensure that you always are up to date. Additionally, in the software development industry, new is always the best. You will, therefore, benefit more from changes and improvements from WordPress developers. Your website will always work and look at its best. Users, customers, and readers will enjoy a more user-friendly experience on your site, giving you higher conversions.