If you haven’t update Microsoft software on your computer, do it now.

It’s not the first time there is problem with Microsoft software, and now we are there again. The company themselves have urge you to update Microsoft software.

This time it’s the Microsoft Office suite, Windows Graphics Content and their browsers, internet Explorer and the new one Edge that are in the loop.

The ironic is, that there is very, very few Windows computer, that don’t have at least one of this software on their computers.

So what is the problem this time?

Microsoft have already found and give us patches for some different vulnerabilities that have been found earlier. But this was not enough. This week a new pack with updates came out.

This week’s Microsoft security updates contain a few not so nice surprises. Four previously unknown vulnerabilities, known as zero-days, has been used by hacker.

There are two common things with this four vulnerabilities.

As very often, the victim need to visit an infected site or open an attachment in an email, and we know from before that lots of us do.

Then the hackers has in some extent way, access to run code or take control of your computer.

It is unclear to what extent the bugs are used by hackers, but be sure, install the latest round of updates, as soon as possible. Before you becoming the next target.

So should we have auto update on security patches?

Maybe, that should be a solution. Many user ignore the warnings. That is maybe not so strange as we get updates warning very often, but I say, that this should never be ignored and you should always update any security patch as soon as possible.

Is always a risk to be infected or hacked, and there are not any 100% protection against it. But to always keep your operatives system and software up to date, minimizes the risk.