Who was it that unfriend me on Facebook?

The word unfriend has come with Facebook. I mean the word have been there before, but we did not use it.

I use to say that there are two kinds of Facebook users. You have one that accepts any friend request. And the one that doesn’t.

The one that accepts any friend request is normally a person that follow their list to 100 percent. This person is often very active and notices very quick if somebody unfriends them.

Then you have the one that don’t care about how many friends they have. This person almost never finds out if anyone has unfriend them.

Unfriend on Facebook!

Some people get a kind of Panic feelings when they notice somebody has unfriended you from Facebook.

In some case, it gets that serious so it can turn upside down on their entire day.

The video below are made as a fun video, but the fact is, many people have this problem. And these individuals often get very hurt when something like this happens.