For many people, Google search is an everyday tool that used for varying reasons. It used by different groups of people ranging from students to business people. Additionally, millions of other users use it for entertainment purposes. Nonetheless, despite its wide usage, people still do not exploit it to its full potential. You might be one of these people who under-utilise Google search. Below are some of the ways you can enhance your search efficiency on Google search.

Use quotes

Do you feel that Google search does a lot of guesswork when delivering results because you receive content related to your search and not the exact results you were looking for? Well…. It’s not Google’s fault but yours. When you need specific results, use quotes to enhance the efficiency of the results you receive from Google.

When you are searching a phrase, Google will deliver all the content related to the words regardless of the order in which the words appear. However, when you use quotes on your phrase before searching, Google search only delivers content that contains the phrase, in the order of exactly how you typed it. This way, you get specific results of what you are searching for. For example, search “best electric toothbrush” instead of, best electric toothbrush.

Perform mathematical calculations with Google Search

This is mostly for students and business people. Did you ever think that Google cannot help you to solve mathematical problems? Well…. You were wrong because Google search will do maths for you accurately. It can solve both basic and difficult maths problems. However, you should know that Google search will not solve all maths problems, but a good number of them.

Use asterisk

Do you ever have hard times searching for lyrics where you are not familiar with all the words in the song? You are not alone as this is a problem experienced by many. Whenever you experience such next time, use an asterisk for the words you do not know. Google search will automatically fill those words when you search.

Use colons when looking for specific sites.

In case you ever need to search for content or articles on specific sites, use colons to Google search. This way, Google only displays results with content from that site alone. For example, with a search like Barcelona vs Real, you will only receive soccer results between Barcelona and Real Madrid from site alone, and the rest of the sites with similar content will be assumed.

Be simple

A general tip when using Google search, there is no need to be too specific. Just be, and Google will do all the work. For example, if you want a chemist near you, search, chemist nearby. Google will take note of your location and provide various results of chemists that are near you.

Important words only

To receive what you are searching for, you should only use essential words when searching. Otherwise, Google will limit your results, and this means you will take more time before getting what you exactly want.

Other ways to maximise your Google search efficiency include;

• Using the search tabs
• Using hyphen to exclude words
• Adding search terms gradually to get what you want
• Use Google search shortcuts

The above are just a few ways to maximise your results when using Google search. These tricks save you a lot of time and effort during a quest. By utilising the above tips, you should trust that Google will deliver precisely what you want when you need it.