Ubunto on phone will be true.

The group of the well-known Linux distribution Ubunto promises that there will be phones with mobile Linux market shortly.

Ubunto has announced that they has entered an agreement with a smartphone manufacturer to use Ubuntu Touch.

They don’t want to disclose the name of the company, but says that the mobile operating system will be available on phones sometime next year.

Ubunto is also talking to four other company apart from the one that they already have an agreement.

And according to the company, some of the company are big-selling mobile company’s.

Ubuntu Touch OS uses Qt5 – based touch interface and the same basic technology as its desktop counterpart.

The most interesting thing about this mobile OS is that it gives a full fledged Ubuntu desktop when connected to an external monitor.

Ubuntos mobile operating system was officially released in October 2013 but no hardware partner has not existed until now.

However, there was an option to load the OS on Nexus phones.