was long the largest search engine for pirates

Without any warning or explanation, close down their site last week, the largest search engine for torrent files last week.

The 24:th of July, I was writing about Kickass Torrent had been closed (Read Here), and it have been open up again since that, and now have also closed down.

But this time it’s the Finnish search engine for torrents, owner that have closed it down by him self

TorrentFreak has been in contact with Torrentz administrators, that confirming the closure, but did not want to give any comment on it. helped pirates to find the right place

Torrentz is one of the oldest pirate sites, and was founded 2003, shortly before the Pirate Bay.

The Site was a hub where visitors can find torrents from many of the network’s large open trackers such as The Pirate Bay.

At first Torrentz was also a tracker, but it was quickly made into a giant search engine for torrent instead.

The Finnish have helped millions pirates to find the right torrent. The service is said to have millions of unique users every day.

The site is still up, and can be reached, but is not working when you try to search and all links are down.

Instead the visitors meet of a text…

“Torrentz will always love you. Farewell.“

If this have something to do with Kickass Torrents problem with United States Department of justice we will never know.

But it would be very interesting to see what’s would happen if Department of justice would take this to court.

It is not illegal to deal with torrents, as long its not copyright material. So how should this be judge.

Torrentz was a search engine for torrents, and if they should loose, what would happen with Google…

Google also have links to torrents, they regular taking down link, but there are still to be found on the giants search engine.

Now we will never know…