iPhone 1 revolution our way to use our mobile phones

iPhone 1 was unveiled for the first time ten years ago today. And that was the day when Steve Jobs change the way we use our mobile.

Many laughing about the whole thing, but today there is not anymore that laugh. And it was not the people on the streets; it was some big names.

Ericsson was first out, with the following comment; It concluded that that the phone meets no technical specifications at all, so it was sent out in the organisation was that it need not be worried. This comment came from ├ůse Lindskog, who was then chief press officer at Ericsson at the time.

But Steve Ballmer at the time Microsofts CEO made a bigger fool of himself. In one interview he laugh straight out, when he got the question how he thinks would react to the new iPhone from Apple. See the video below.

So what changed with iPhone 1 entrance on the market

Well, the technical specification was nothing special. But it was with a totally different interface. And for the first time, the main thing was access to the internet and all intermedia.

It also forced all other mobile company to rethink the developing of the phones. And almost all done. One that did not change and kept the old system was Nokia, and today they are almost out of the market.

The born of Android.

Google understood direct that this was the future, and start to developing a mobile system. And in September 2008, 1,5 years after the first iPhone, Android 1.0 (Alpha) was released.

It gave Apple a big head start, and the first years they were the number one on the smartphone market. But it did not last for a long time

It estimated that there are roughly 2 billion smartphone users in the market and today it’s almost 85% that are using Androids.

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