What would we do whiteout WordPress Theme?

WordPress Theme can easiest be explain as a design for your blog

I always recommend people that want to start a webpage, to go for WordPress.

Is very configurable, lots of options, and if needed, lots of help on the web. But how is it with the designe?

If you dont know coding, then I recommend a program that call Atristeer, very flexiable and easy to work with, but of course when it comes to a program where you dont need any coding skills, have their limits.

For you that not intresting to spend the money or learn a new program, then there are a lots of free themes to choose between, but for you that are willing to spend some money on your theme, I would reccomend MyThemeShop there you can find theme in any stil and colur, and the prices use to be $35 with lifetime update

The themes can seems little difficult in the beginning because of all different settings, but thats is also make the theme very powerfull, so take you time with this, and dont try to rush it.

Premium WordPress Themes