And there any serious theme developer out there?

As theme developer, you need to know coding. But it does not matter how good programmer you are if you don’t know how to distribute your work or treat your costumer.

This article will be about WordPress theme developer, but the same can go for any CMS theme developer.

SKT Themes is one that I will never use again.

They sold themes with a one-time payment for lifetime updates. And suddenly earlier this week I got mail telling me that they will change the price plans.

So from one-time payment, they have now gone to yearly payment to receive updates for your theme. I use their themes for two of my clients, and this will, of course, create a problem.

When I took it up with them, they explain that I can use the theme for a lifetime without paying anything. I responded that this is something I can’t sell into my client. And they should know better than to use WordPress theme that is not up to date.

I did not get any intelligent answer on that reply. Instead, the told me that it would be cheaper if I paid for all theme, yearly of course.

So why don’t do the theme by yourself?

To do a theme takes time, and time is money. It would increase the total price of doing the website. Then you need to maintain the theme over the years.

It’s cheaper and much more practical to buy one from a professional theme developer. Many of them already have multiple settings. And the one that missing can be done with some PHP and CSS code.

Is there any Theme Developer that are serious?

Yes, most of them are. Myself usually use Themeforest, there you pay one time with (normally) 6 months support. If you then need more support you need to pay for it. But all updates to your theme are free.

In Themeforest you can also create API keys for your theme, and with a (not official WordPress plugin) update the theme within your WordPress. This plugin can be downloaded from GitHub here.