With all new technology, we also have some tech Diseases.

With the new technology we have around us, there have also come some tech diseases that’s now are registered as a health Conditions.

I will list eight so far, different tech Diseases. And I think you will recognise yourself in some of them or have a friend that will fit on some.

Phantom ringing syndrome

Have you ever reached after your phone thinking that it vibrates? Then you have something that calls Phantom syndrome

According to the book, I disorder by Dr Larry Rosen, suffers 70 percent of all active mobile users of this syndrome.


Nomophobia is when you feel naked or empty inside when you don’t have your cell phone close to you.

It’s something that some already have got treatments for in the USA.


CyberSickness Is a disease that makes you feel dizzy and lightheaded with some digital environments.

One example was Apple’s update to iOS 7. The flat interface resulted in some users experienced symptoms similar to motion sickness. The reasons for thought to be that the background moved when you wiggle the phone.

Facebook Depression

Facebook Depression is caused by too much (or too little) interaction on Facebook. Although people usually are social creatures. But too much can lead to the opposite effect.

A study showed that many younger users often suffer from depression when they spent time on Facebook. One reason may be according to the study that most people make positive messages about themselves, something that makes their friends underestimate their lives as uneventful.

Internet addiction disorderInternet addiction disorder

Internet addiction disorder refers to an excessive daily internet usage. It can lead to addiction for some.

In the USA they have several clinics that working with internet addiction.

According to Kimberly Young, who runs the clinic Centre for Internet Addiction. Means that this is usually something that affects people with low self-esteem.

Google effect

A tendency not to learn things or remember things when it is so easy to find them on Google, call Google effect.

Thanks to all the information available within easy reach many of us suffer from what is called Google effect, we ignore to teach us things and rely instead on Google.

According to Dr Larry Rosen, the disadvantages is that we do not learn and remember things when we think we can “google it” later.

Online Gamblers

Do you have one unhealthy need to play online games such as World of Warcraft to name some? Then you can have something that calls Online Gamblers disease.

A study published in Korea in late 2010 shows that eight percent of the country’s Internet users between ages 9 to 39 years are suffering from this addiction.


Cyberchondria makes you believe that you are suffering from diseases you read about on the internet. Do you have a frequent headache and read about it on the web, and suddenly you see it as a sign of a brain tumour.

Cyberchondria is only an extension of the ordinary hypochondria that many people are suffering. The easy answer is, you should always contact a real doctor before you take your conclusions.