Tango help you to take home your office

Tango is the name of a computer that has about the same size as a mobile phone but with a real graphics card and a fast processor.

Two years after the start, the U.S. company Tango present what they believe is the world’s most powerful pocket computer.

The PC is not larger than a smartphone, but have a quad-core AMD processor (A6 -5200) with a integrated GPU Radeon HD8400 .

The basic version comming with a flash disk of 64GB (but is available with up to 512 GB), 4 GB RAM, and support to running Windows 8 Professional.

It also has an internal battery which means that the computer goes into sleep mode when you pull it out of the dock.

The cost of this small computer is around $460 and that includes one docking station which has approximately the same dimensions as an external DVD burner.

The docking station has outputs for keyboard, monitor, network, and mouse and if you need more docking station are they sold for around $90 each.