Microsoft support made me speechless!

I was forced to contact Microsoft support for some days ago, and as usual, the did not surprise me this time either. Microsoft support is little like a lottery, sometimes you win and sometimes you lose.

Been in contact with Microsoft one time before, and that was a win after a second call, read here. Could not be more impressed at that time. One question, one answer, and a follow up from Microsoft Support.

My problem.

I have used the Microsoft Office 365 suite for more than 2 years on my Mac computers. But from the suite, there was one application that I did not use until for some days ago. Microsoft Outlook, I had always used and recommend Thunderbird, but lack of updates made me move over to Outlook.

But here where I start to get a problem. I receive between 100-125 mail most of the days. With this amount of mail I”m forced to have a system to mark or categorize mail that I need to keep track on to don’t lose them in the mail feed. The system with flag mail I did not like, so I went for the categories system. But could not categorise mail from Google, after a google search I found out that I need to add mail as imap/pop instead of using google setup on adding mail accounts.

Only that I thought was strange and also very bad, but that was anyway a simple way to get it sorted. Deleted my Google mail and added them again, this time, by using imap/pop settings. The category system was now working and I could categorize emails from all different mail-accounts.

So did everything worked then?

Well, No it didn’t. Now when I had the mail sorted, I went on to include my calendar. I have many years used Google Calander and did not want to changes, as I have lot’s of information there. After a quick google search, I found out that this was included in April 2017. But did not work for me, there was no way to include googles calendar, only Outlook/Hotmail.

Again I went back to Google Search, but could not find any answer on my problem. Then I made a test, deleted one of my google accounts and added it again, but this time as google mail. The calendar from Google could be chosen but could not be used for catogorize mails. Again, back to google for an answer, but could not find any solution more search.

The contact with Microsoft support.

I contacted the support, and directly I got an auto answer that they have received. And within 12h I got respond (not bad at all) but the answer left more question than answers. In the email, I could read “Yes, this is a known problem”.

When I replied with how could this not have been sorted yet, Gmail was included almost two years ago. Again I got a quick answer but without an answer, only requested to send some screenshots and error messages.

This was done and now 7 days from that mail I still waiting for one answer. Anyway, I have now found a workaround but is not a perfect one. But it seems I need to work with. I do not believe that Microsoft Support will ever answer me or get this sorted.