Are you having storage issues with your MacBook Pro? Do you think you made a mistake by buying a smaller storage capacity to save some money? Are you thinking of boosting your storage on MacBook Pro by deleting duplicate and temporary files? That may help, but not for so long before getting another ‘startup disk is almost full’ message. Regardless of the mistakes, you made when buying the device, do not even entertain the thought of buying a new device to correct this storage situation. This is because there are many ways by which you can add more storage to your device and still save money doing it. They include the following;

SD card solutions

Did you know that you can use an SD card to upgrade your MacBook Pro’s storage? Well…. This is possible as your SD card slot is not only meant to transfer media. Once you start noticing that your SSD has begun approaching its capacity, an SD card is an external storage that will offer timely and cheap help. It should, therefore, be one of the first logical options that you should consider when you need to boost the storage on MacBook Pro.

Network storage

This is at this moment one of the cheapest ways to add storage to MacBook Pro as you do not need to spend money on anything. You do this by leveraging part of the storage you have in your home. However, one of the drawbacks of this method is that it mostly depends on the set up of your network. For reliable speeds, you should use a wired network. Nonetheless, most of the people use the Wi-Fi network setup, and its speed depends on your signal quality. For you to use network data and storage option, you need to share the same network.

External Drives

If you are wondering which another way you can add some storage space to your MacBook Pro, have you considered using external drives? It is a convenient and cheap way to do this, and it offers high storage capacities. Use external hard drives to back up your data and relieve your SSD all the burden. In the modern day, external drives are smaller and cheaper as compared to those of the recent past. Additionally, they also do not need a separate power supply as they powered via USB.

Cloud storage

The cloud will always give you a way out when you need extra storage on MacBook Pro. You can either use the full-blown cloud service or the network-attached storage. Each one of them has benefits and drawbacks. However, the Network Attached Storage gives you a chance to enjoy benefits from both worlds. The primary disadvantage of using this method to upgrade the storage on MacBook Pro is the strength of your internet determines that speed.

Another way by which you can increase storage on MacBook Pro includes upgrading the SSD. The primary reason why you are experiencing trouble with your storage space is that Apple delivered the device with an SSD rather than an HDD. In so many ways this is an advantage as SSDs are less fragile and faster than previous technology. The best thing about this storage is that it can be upgraded to create a world of a difference to the device user. Just buy a drive with high storage capacity and enjoy the massive storage space that makes your device operate as good as new. To avoid experiencing storage issues with your method next time, make sure you buy a MacBook Pro with more storage as this saves you money in the long run even if the initial cost might seem higher.