If you havent yet, do it now… STOP Use Windows XP

Microsoft will on The 8:th of April 2014 end all support for Windows XP and Microsoft Office 2003. And the company have yet again, tell people to STOP Use Windows XP

Nobody cant really complain about that, the program is almost 13 years and Office 12 years old.
Now the warning starts to come, and its actually really time to upgrade, I have always say that Windows XP have been a very good and stabil version (after service pack 2) but now it have play out her role.

Security people around the world, agree that the attacks on Win XP will increase after the 8:th of April 2014, and they also say thats is a big risk that hackers allready know about varios vulnerability but are quiet about it till Microsoft have stopp with the support.

So if you still running a machine with Windows XP, start to think of update it, its not for free, but its worth the cost.